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Should You Have Sunken Concrete Slabs Lifted or Replaced?

Should You Have Sunken Concrete Slabs Lifted or Replaced?

Concrete is easily the most frequently used material in construction worldwide, and for a good reason. It's strong and durable, but it can be expensive to replace. If you have sunken and settled concrete slabs on your property, you may wonder, should you lift them or replace them? Unless the concrete slab is severely damaged, lifting is the better option. At Sanremo Polyfoam, we use polyurethane concrete lifting as an efficient, long-lasting and cost-effective method to lift sunken slabs back to their original position. Polyurethane concrete levelling, or slab jacking, is the most effective concrete repair method available. If you want to know why you should have your sunken concrete slabs lifted instead of replaced, read on!

Polyurethane Concrete Lifting is Environmentally Friendly

At Sanremo, we focus on environmental consciousness. This is why we specialize in polyurethane concrete lifting. Polyurethane concrete lifting can greatly reduce your environmental impact for a few reasons. The first is that when concrete slabs are lifted instead of replaced, the old concrete does not end up in a landfill. The polyurethane foam we use is also environmentally friendly itself! It is made of partly recycled materials and doesn't contain any toxic chemicals that may seep into the surrounding soil or groundwater over time. No heavy equipment or excavation is required for this method, adding to its environmentally friendly benefits.

Polyurethane Concrete Lifting is Fast and Efficient

Polyurethane concrete levelling is much faster and easier than concrete slab replacement. Small projects such as driveways, walkways or sidewalks take just a few hours. Polyurethane concrete raising is the quickest (and cleanest!) way to lift sunken concrete slabs. With polyurethane foam, the lifted area is ready for use almost immediately after the work is complete. If you have a new concrete slab poured, you likely won't be able to use the area for a few days. Polyurethane concrete lifting eliminates that wait time and allows you to return to normal quickly. Polyurethane foam makes repairing almost any type of sunken or settled concrete slab fast and efficient. 

Polyurethane Concrete Lifting is Durable and Long-Lasting

Polyurethane foam concrete raising is a long-lasting alternative to slab replacement and traditional concrete lifting methods like mudjacking. Our polyurethane foam is water-resistant, so it won't break down over time if there is excess water in the soil. Polyurethane concrete lifting is generally a permanent solution to sunken and settled slabs, saving you money on future repair costs. Our polyurethane foam is also extremely strong. Polyurethane foam is frequently used for highway repairs, airport repairs and even to lift entire building foundations because of its durability. Polyurethane concrete lifting foam has been specially designed for lifting and supporting concrete slabs of almost any size. It is a high-performance concrete repair solution with a proven track record.

Why Polyurethane Concrete Lifting?

If you've been looking for an excellent alternative to replacing sunken or settled concrete slabs or traditional concrete raising methods like mudjacking, polyurethane concrete lifting is perfect! More and more people are using polyurethane concrete levelling as an alternative to slab replacement because the cost to repair sunken and settled slabs is much less than replacing them. When you have your concrete lifted with polyurethane foam, you don't have to tear out any concrete. This means using less labour and materials, which will save you money. With its many advantages over mudjacking and concrete slab replacement, polyurethane concrete levelling is the best way to raise sunken or settled concrete slabs.

At Sanremo Polyfoam, we specialize in environmentally friendly polyurethane concrete lifting and levelling. Polyurethane concrete raising has become the preferred method for lifting and levelling sunken and settled concrete slabs. We work with homeowners, business owners, municipalities and farmers to help them lift their settled concrete slabs back to their original position. The experts at Sanremo Polyfoam have years of experience in the concrete lifting and levelling industry. We have many satisfied clients and are committed to providing a long-lasting and durable solution to your sunken concrete slabs. Contact us today if you have unlevel concrete on your property! We'll get it lifted in no time.