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Why is it Important to Have Level Concrete Slabs

Why is it Important to Have Level Concrete Slabs

Concrete is everywhere. It is used for driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks and the foundations of homes. Even though concrete is extremely durable, sometimes it sinks and settles over time. Sunken and settled concrete slabs can create many problems for homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area. It's essential to ensure the concrete slabs on your property are level to keep people safe and avoid costly problems down the road. As a homeowner, you may be wondering, "why is it important to have level concrete slabs?" The experts at Sanremo Poly-Foam are here to tell you! In this blog, we'll look at why concrete sinks and settles and why it is crucial to ensure the concrete on your property is level. Read on to learn more!

Why Does Concrete Sink and Settle

Concrete slabs can sink and settle for many reasons. Some of the most common are erosion, the freeze/thaw cycle, poor compaction during construction and improper drainage around the slab. The ground below will not support the slab's weight if the soil was not properly compacted before the slab was poured. This will cause it to sink and crack. The freeze/thaw cycle is also another common culprit. In the winter, concrete contracts and in the summer, it expands. If there is too much moisture on or around the slab, the water will freeze and then expand when it warms up. This can result in the slab settling, cracking and buckling. Erosion also causes concrete slabs to sink and settle. Erosion is usually caused by improper drainage. If water cannot drain from the slab, it erodes the subgrade and leaves voids under it. These voids will cause the slab to sink, settle and break. All of these issues can harm the concrete around your home and business. Luckily, Sanremo Poly-Foam can remedy these issues with our innovative and environmentally friendly polyurethane concrete lifting! So now that you know why concrete sinks and settles, let's take a closer look at some of the problems sunken and settled concrete slabs can cause.

Sunken and Settled Slabs are Safety Hazards.

The biggest problem with sunken and settled concrete slabs is the safety hazards they create. Cracked and uneven concrete surfaces can create tripping hazards for people using your property. As a home or business owner, you may be liable for any injuries. Sunken and settled concrete slabs can also create safety hazards around your home or business. Sunken and settled slabs, such as foundation slabs, can lead to water leaks and mould growth. We can lift and level these sunken slabs with polyurethane foam and prevent safety hazards around your property.

Sunken and Settled Slabs Decrease Curb Appeal.

One of the biggest reasons to have level concrete slabs is because they increase the curb appeal of your property. Everyone wants their home or business to look nice, and sunken and settled slabs can bring down the value of your home. When you have sunken and settled slabs, people may think you don't take care of your home or business. It can also deter possible buyers if you plan to sell because they might think something is seriously wrong with your home or business. This can also result in a lower resale value for your property. To increase curb appeal and restore your concrete slabs to their original level, we can repair them with our polyurethane concrete lifting process.

Sunken and Settled Slabs Increase the Risk of Water Damage.

Sunken and settled slabs increase the risk of water damage to your home or business. The water damage risk is higher because the slab is lower than the surrounding ground. When rainwater reaches your foundation, it can seep into cracks in the concrete slab, causing more damage. When there are cracks in a concrete slab that have been caused by sinking or settling over time, water can seep under it and cause mould and mildew to grow in your home or business. Mould can be hazardous and can also affect the value of your property. Water damage can also cause structural issues with your home or business and can lead to the eventual collapse of structures. To protect your home from water damage, Sanremo Ploy-Foam can lift and level your sunken slabs using polyurethane concrete lifting!

Why Polyurethane Concrete Lifting?

At Sanremo Poly-Foam, we use polyurethane foam to lift and level your sunken and settled concrete slabs back into their original position. Our innovative polyurethane concrete raising process uses polyurethane foam injected through small holes in the concrete slab to fill the void below. The polyurethane foam then expands and lifts the concrete slab back to where it is supposed to be. Once the process is complete, the holes are filled, and the area is ready for use almost immediately. Other methods, like mudjacking, can be messy, invasive and expensive. Lifting and levelling concrete with polyurethane foam is faster, lasts longer, and is cheaper than concrete replacement. Polyurethane foam is durable; it was designed to lift and support concrete slabs so it can handle the weight. It is resistant to the elements and is hydrophobic, so it will not degrade over time. Polyurethane foam is also environmentally friendly! It is manufactured of party recycled materials and contains no toxic chemicals that can harm the environment. Polyurethane concrete lifting is the best way to lift and level sunken and settled concrete slabs around your home or business!

Sanremo Poly-Foam Can Help You with Sunken and Settled Slabs.

When you see sunken and settled concrete slabs on your property, it's time to take action. If there are cracks in your slab or settlement has occurred due to erosion or poor drainage around your home or business, it will only get worse over time until it becomes a serious safety hazard for everyone who uses these areas regularly. By investing in an affordable solution like polyurethane concrete levelling, you can avoid costly repairs down the road. At Sanremo Poly-Foam, we specialize in environmentally friendly concrete lifting and levelling solutions. If you need sunken slabs on your property levelled, we can help! Contact us today!