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Greater Toronto Area, Ontario


Garage Floor Concrete Levelling

Concrete Levelling Garage Floors

You might have a sinking garage floor if you notice doors are not opening easily or concrete slabs are cracking. If your water is pooling in one area, it can't escape and can cause flooding problems. This is not only costly but the ground around your garage could also become saturated with water, which leads to all kinds of issues. When it comes to garage slab repair, the sooner you take care of your problem, the better. A sinking garage floor can cause many different issues. It can lead to water damage and other structural damages. If not dealt with in a timely manner, the foundation of your house may be compromised and result in costly repairs.

Repairing Garage Floor Toronto

You will most likely need to use mudjacking or poly jacking for concrete levelling and lifting to fix the problem, but it is a quick and easy process that does not require many resources so, if you want your garage floors to be level for the next few years and beyond.
Detached garages are more likely to suffer water damage in the event of a flood. That's because the garage floor is not exposed to rain or snow, which means there is no natural way for the moisture to escape when it does happen. Thus, the additional moisture will stay in this area and seep into the foundation when it floods. One of the most common reasons for slab failure is due to water penetration. These structures are designed to hold a family's worth of possessions, so they must be built to last. With proper care, rusting can be prevented, and your foundation will always be strong! One issue is that the concrete will jam into the foundation and become so locked that the floor's outer edge may need to be cut to raise the floor, adding extra costs. Another issue is that the cracks will fill with debris, the weight of the vehicles will further pack the debris into these cracks, and it will become impossible to close the cracks. We will work on lifting your floors in your garage to ensure that moisture penetration is mitigated.
All and all, as made clear in the reasons above, it is always best to address the issue of a sinking floor as soon as possible. Call Sanremo Poly-Foam for a consultation and free estimate. Our team can help you find a solution that will handle your needs and stay within your budget.